Work time mud pump check pump spindle

Mud pump in the work site after the fixed, you should first check the main engine spindle and the pump spindle is on the same axis, if the shaft should be precisely adjusted.
Pump inlet and outlet piping should be bearing support, to avoid the pipeline gravity applied to the pump. The packing chamber assembly will wear out quickly without high pressure water protection.
Mud pumps must be filled with high pressure water to protect the shaft seal assembly. The main pump in the normal work must not close the high pressure water pump.
Mud pump performance table in the suction range is the normal temperature of the pump under the conditions of anti-cavitation characteristics. In the pumping sediment operation should be as much as possible so that the pump inlet pressure is positive pressure.
Replace the impeller, liner and other wearing parts should be adjusted when the impeller and front and rear liner clearance, impeller and liner axial clearance of the pump on the performance and service life have a greater impact.
Please timely and appropriate amount of mud pump bearing parts filled with grease. The water pressure should be greater than the mud pump working pressure. Piping installation should be extended from the pump inlet and outlet flange, and immediately do a good job supporting positioning.
Pump in the work of abnormal vibration, noise and bearing temperature rise is too high, it should stop inspection. Sediment containing large solid particles when the pump flow head will be affected, the selection should be considered when the media situation.