What factors will cause pressure pulsation of centrifugal slurry pumps

First, the impeller blades and volute tongue interference will also cause centrifugal slurry pump pressure pulsation.
Second, the eddy current, due to the flow field between the high-speed and low-speed area between the boundary layer interaction, most of the unstable flow pattern will produce eddy current. When the vortex strikes the sidewall, the vortex, or vortex, is converted to pressure fluctuations, causing local oscillations of the pipe or pump components. At the same time, the acoustic response of the piping system may also strongly affect the frequency and amplitude of the vortex diffusion. The vortex is the strongest when the sound resonance of the system coincides with the frequency of occurrence of the noise source. In the paper machine's sizing system, this vortex is strongly controlled in the case of paper composition, concentration, flow rate and pressure head with high requirements and only small pulses are allowed.
Third, the return, inlet return and outlet return, respectively, refers to the impeller inlet and leaf leaves a little flow of the flow of the flow. Due to the high speed rotation of the impeller and the high shear rate between the relative velocity of the blade, there is a swirl at the inlet and the outlet of the impeller. The formation and rupture of the swirl, not only lead to cavitation, but also cause great fluctuations in pressure.
Fourth, cavitation, pump cavitation is the main cause of the liquid caused by the bubble. Liquid rotation through the centrifugal pump, due to the acceleration of the impeller and the separation of air flow, the pressure will be reduced. When the liquid pressure drops to the vapor pressure will produce bubbles, with the bubble moving to the high pressure zone when the collapse of the media around the bubble to the center of the impact of bubbles, such an impact will not only lead to fluctuations in speed and pressure, will also produce Noise, causing pump cavitation.
When the centrifugal slurry pump is operated, it is required that the components of the paper material provided in the sizing system be mixed evenly, and the concentration and flow rate and the head of the headbox are stable (only very small pulses are allowed). Therefore, reducing the pulsing pressure of the pulping pump and the sizing pump can solve the pulsating effect of the pulsating speed of the slurry pump and reduce the fluctuation of the paper longitudinal volume, which will improve the product quality and yield.