Trial Operation of Slurry Pump and Precautions

1) Open the seal water and cooling water, adjust the pressure to the specified value; the inlet valve fully open; open the injection valve to the pump water (pouring pump does not need); will adjust the outlet valve opening to 1/4; . When the speed is normal, open the outlet pressure gauge, if the pressure is normal and stable, you can slowly open the outlet valve, until fully open or meet the requirements of the operating conditions.
Note: Start the pump in full open condition will cause the motor overload; use of small inlet valve control flow will cause the pump pump cavitation, should be avoided!
2) Pump start Note: As the packing pressure is too tight, when the pump rotation, the filler to heat the flue gas, the packing gland nut should loose to shaft seal water leakage, and then slowly tighten until the infiltration date.
Normal operation, should observe the following: pump flow head is stable and meet the technological requirements; current is stable; unit abnormal sound, the noise is too large; shaft seal leakage is normal (drip); bearing temperature rise of 35 degrees , The maximum temperature shall not exceed 75 degrees.
3) Stop the pump should be pumped 30 minutes before the water to clean the pump and pipe slurry; close the pump outlet valve; and close the corresponding seal water and cooling water; close the pump inlet valve.
Note: Never allowed to exit the valve in the state of full stop pump, or easy to form a water hammer, resulting in damage to the pump or pipe.