The working principle of mud pump is simple

Mud pump in fact, for those rivers played a great role, its performance is characterized by the development of non-metallic wear-resistant sand pump, the pump part of the current components are made of modern non-metallic wear-resistant materials, with a very strong Wear resistance and corrosion resistance and other related properties, the mud pump in the work of the site after the fixed, it should be checked under the main engine spindle is a bearing above, if that is different, then it should immediately adjust the accurate data, And its inlet pipe should be supported by the load, to avoid the pipeline gravity applied to the pump, the pipe installation should be from the mud pump inlet and outlet flange outward extension, and immediately do support and positioning to ensure that the corresponding work Can continue, the mud pump work must be filled into the filling chamber of high pressure water.
This way to protect the bearing part of the components, the main pump in the normal work when you do not close the high pressure water pump, this time the water pressure should be greater than the working pressure of the sediment pump, so that the filling chamber components in the absence of water under the protection will soon There is a wear.