The special composition of the mud pump

Under the pressure of modern industry, the sewage and dirt produced by many industries have become an increasingly fierce problem. How to deal with these problems not only affects the future trend of industrial development, but also plays a very important role in the survival of future generations The Mud pump is born in this environment, the product, then how is the mud pump to deal with these problems? Then from the mud pump characteristics began to understand the sewage dirt submersible pump. The mud pump uses a unique single or double impeller structure, greatly improving the dirt passing capacity, can effectively pass the pump diameter 5 times the fiber material with diameter for the pump diameter of about 50% of the solid particles. Mechanical seal with a new hard corrosion-resistant tungsten tungsten material, can make the pump safe and continuous operation. The overall structure is compact, small size, low noise, energy saving effect is remarkable, easy maintenance, no need to build pump room, dive into the water to work, greatly reduce the project cost. The pump seal oil chamber is equipped with high precision anti-jamming leak detection sensor, the stator winding embedded in the thermal element, the pump motor automatic protection.
Mud pump can be equipped with automatic control cabinet according to user needs, the pump leakage, leakage, overload and over-temperature, such as automatic protection, improve product safety and reliability. Float switch can be based on the required level changes, automatic control of the pump start and stop, without special care, the use of extremely convenient. According to user needs with dual-rail automatic coupling installation system, it is to install, repair more convenient, people do not have to enter the sewage pits for this. Can be used in the whole lift, and ensure that the motor will not be overloaded. There are two different installation methods, fixed automatic coupling installation system, mobile free installation.