Submersible pumping pump impeller how to maintain

Submersible pumping sand pump operation, the need to control the flow and head as much as possible on the label range, to ensure maximum efficiency point of operation, in order to get the maximum energy-saving effect. Submersible pumping sand pump is underground work products, only Well to maintain its components in order to extend its service life.And then share with you the submersible pumping pump impeller how to maintain the maintenance of the impeller can be divided into the following aspects:
1, in the course of trying to make the local wear tends to wear evenly, which requires improving the wear resistance of the impeller.This will not be a great deviation.
2, to reduce entry into the submersible pumping pump some of the hard or corrosive things, it can also effectively protect the impeller.
3, the third step is to start from the impeller itself, requiring us in the production process, you can deliberately increase the concern about the quality of the impeller, the impeller as an important component, the structure and form of submersible pumping pump performance is relatively large Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to the selection of impeller, impeller mainly in the following forms: open, semi-open, semi-open, closed.
Different types of submersible pumping sand pump is best to choose different types of impeller.