Slurry pump head low problem

1, the slurry pump head is lower than the actual pipe head, resulting in small pump flow.
2, the pipeline NPSH is less than the pump must be nourishing the margin caused by small pump.
3, the pump inlet valve is not deployed or the valve has been damaged to cause pump cavitation.
4, inhalation piping system intake.
5, suction pipe or impeller blocked.
6, the slurry concentration is too large.
Slurry pump lift low solution
1, to improve the pump head.
2, pipe-making device, so that the pipeline NPSH is greater than the pump
Required NPSH or Sweepability Pumps that meet piping requirements.
3, start the import valve or replace the new valve.
4, excluding the reasons for air intake.
5, remove the blockage.
6, reduce the slurry concentration or change the size of a caliber pump.