Slurry Pump Body Shaking Causes and Solutions

Mud pumps can sometimes cause pump shake during use. Many users shut down the pump to check if they haven't figured out the reason. Sometimes a subtle little detail can't be done and it will cause the mud pump to pump. The shaking of the body will have a bad influence on the device. So why do we have pump shake when we use it?
First, the causes of mud pump pump shake
1. When advancing the water flow in a mud pump operation, accompanied by eddy currents, cavitation can not avoid large vibrations.
2. There is debris in the pump inlet pipe, in the impeller, and in the pump. The pump and the foundation are not fixed tightly, and the resonance is enhanced.
3. The quality of the mud pump is off, the rotor is not balanced, the pump and the motor shaft are not concentric, and the rotor and the stator part collide or rub.
4. The equipment is used for a long time, the wear of the pump is deteriorated, the impeller is greatly loosened, the bearing is damaged or the bearing clearance is large.
Second, mud pump pump shake solution
1. Adding a spring isolator When attaching a spring isolator to a mud pump, pay attention to the choice of style and deflection.
2. Install rubber isolator. The choice of rubber isolators is generally made of neoprene and natural rubber. Compression type rubber shock absorbers are generally used. For lighter weight pumps, shear type rubber shock absorbers are available.
3. Install an inert base. In order to meet the more stringent vibration standards for pumping sand, the use of spring isolators is undoubtedly the best choice when retrofitting the base.