Sand pump seal the way there are three, each with a different, below tell you the sand pump these three sealing methods.

Sand pump first packing seal, a seal is the most common, is through the injection of seal water in the form of continuous injection of certain pressure water in the filling inside, a pump body to prevent slurry leakage: not suitable for the tandem pump with expeller seal, the packing seal. Packing seal has the advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance and low price. NS multi-purpose jindingnuo production sand suction pump, PN ship sealed with sand suction pump type are used in packing.

Sand pump secondary impeller seal, is through a reverse centrifugal force of the impeller force to prevent leakage of slurry. The pump inlet positive pressure value is not greater than the value of the single stage pump or tandem pump first stage pump 10% can be used to seal the outlet pressure of the pump impeller side, vice impeller shaft seal has no shaft seal water, not diluted slurry, and good sealing effect. Therefore, the seal can be considered without dilution in the slurry.