Sealing method of sand suction pump

Sand suction pump first packing seal is the most common kind of seal is injected through the seal water in the form of continuous filling in the filler inside a certain pressure water, a pump to prevent the slurry leakage: for not suitable for the impeller shaft seal Multi-stage series pump, using packing shaft seal. Packing shaft seal structure is simple, easy maintenance, cheap. Shuttle production of NS multi-purpose suction pump, PN ship suction pumps and other pumps are used packing seal.
Sand suction pump Second Vice impeller seal, is through a reverse centrifugal force of the impeller to prevent slurry leakage. The pump inlet pressure is not greater than the pump outlet pressure of 10% of single-stage pump or multi-stage series pump pump can be used in the first stage Vice impeller shaft seal, vice impeller shaft seal with no seal water, not diluted slurry Body, good sealing effect and so on. So in the case of slurry does not allow dilution, consider such a seal.
Again, the mechanical seal, the sealing requirements are generally relatively high to use. In particular, some chemical, food, not only requires sealing, and the most important is not allowed to add additional components into the pump. Disadvantage is that the high cost, maintenance difficulties, etc., Shuttle production NSQ submersible suction pump with mechanical seals.