Sand suction pump scope of application:

1. Sedimentation pond, fish pond dredging silt, lakes and rivers of sand, dredging, embankment.
2. Low-lying land transformation.
Sand unloading sand.
4. Sand or sand on the land more water pumping less sediment, even taking the time does not affect the use, do not need to emptying.
Sediment pump structure features:
1. Pump by the pump body, impeller, guard, motor frame and bearing assembly and other components.
2.The pump shaft seal uses the rubber skeleton seal seal.
3. Rotation direction of the pump: Turn counterclockwise as viewed from the impeller inlet.
4. The use of vice impeller to reduce impeller back pressure, to extend the life of seals.
5. Over-current parts of white cast iron wear-resistant, anti-wear.