Sand pump should be how to maintain maintenance downtime

Sand pump for oil drilling mud purification system, for Desander, Desilter, jet mixing device to provide the ideal power of supporting equipment. Da-chuan sand pump production has excellent performance, high temperature, large flow, long life, low energy consumption, easy maintenance and other significant advantages.
The sand pump must be carried out when the sand pump pump maintenance necessary measures to ensure that the sand pump equipment will not run in the course of a large number of sand in the volute to affect the life and work efficiency of sand pump. Therefore, in the work of Britain in strict accordance with the following steps.
1, pulp finish, the flushing sand bubble, with water to run the sand pump 3-5 minutes.

2, close into the mine gate, stop the sand pump operation.

3, release the sand pump and pipeline rinse water (winter should pay special attention to the water put clean), close the packing high-pressure water.

4, pull down the power switch.

5, a sudden power failure, immediately pull down the power switch, and into the mine gate closed, open the sewage gate, release the pump and pipeline slurry, and then shut the sewage gate.