Sand pump anti-cavitation material selection

Improve the ability of anti-cavitation flow through parts of the material. In order to reduce cavitation on pump parts damage, extending its life, often choose a strong anti-cavitation properties of materials. As with cast manganese bronze, stainless steel and alloy steel and other materials casting impeller; or coated with a polymer or a laser sputtering surface flow components to resist cavitation damage. In addition, over-current component surface finish to improve its finish, but also to reduce the harm of cavitation. In addition, pump parts and bad parts have corrosion coverage and repair with polymeric coating (such as epoxy-based anti-cavitation resistant materials and other thermoplastic coating, etc.), than the use of more economical and convenient metallization which resist wear effect has been achieved. When the parts have been eroded weldability, the available stainless steel electrode surfacing, surfacing at the grinding until surfacing at a slightly higher plane than the original, and then coated with red lead at welding, grinding with a small flat and then rubbed hard spot, after several grinding, hard spot until evenly, with edge ruler observed surfacing at the original plane contour.