Material: wear resistant alloy

Features: good wear resistance, large flow channel, simple operation

Purpose: pumping sand, mud, fly ash, solid powder particles

Alias: submersible pump, submersible sand pump, submersible cement sand pump, submersible mud pump product overview:

ZJQ type submersible sand pump motor and pump is coaxially dive into the water, the pump flow components made of high alloy wear-resistant material, has good wear resistance, large flow, suitable for conveying solid particles containing large sediment, slurry, coal slurry, sand and other media.

This series of products to absorb advanced technology design and manufacturing at home and abroad, unique sealing device can effectively balance oil chamber pressure, the maximum protection of the reliability of mechanical seal, motor overheating protection, water detection and protection and other protection measures, can run safe and long-term in bad working condition. The impeller of the water pump can impact the sediment deposit into a high concentration of turbulence, so that the pump can realize the high concentration absorption and deposition without the auxiliary device.

Structure characteristics:

1 the whole machine is a dry type of pump, the motor adopts oil chamber sealing method, mechanical seal, can effectively prevent the high pressure water and impurities into the motor cavity.

2 in addition to the main impeller, as there is a mixing impeller, can be deposited in the bottom of the sludge after mixing into turbulent flow.

3 impeller and impeller and other parts of the impeller with high hardness of high chromium cast steel manufacturing, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, strong pollution, can pass the larger solid particles.

4 motor under water, not limited suction, the slag suction rate is high, more thorough dredging.

5 the whole equipment is simplified, and the total investment of the unit is reduced.

Conditions of use:

1 power supply for 50Hz/380V three-phase AC power supply.

2 the maximum temperature of the medium is not higher than 60 degrees Celsius, the medium does not contain flammable and explosive gases.

The maximum weight of a solid concentration of 3 medium: 45% ash, slag is 60%.

4 unit dive depth: no more than 20 meters, not less than 1 meters.

5 the working position of the unit in the medium is vertical and the working state is continuous.

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