How to install sand pumping pump

In pumping sand pump unit configuration pipeline process, taking into account: industrial and mining environment, pipeline system resistance, the critical sedimentation rate of slurry, sand pumping pump flow head and other comprehensive factors.
1, the suction pipe should be short and straight, the pump inlet from the surface closer to the better, and some mining environment can even be placed in the sand pumping unit below the water. In the suction pump inlet, it is best equipped with a similar or slightly larger with the import of sand pumping tube, pumping sand tube to use hard tube to prevent suction deflated, we generally recommend customers to use lined steel wire dedicated sand hose.
2, the suction tube flow rate is generally 2-4m / s, depending on the specific circumstances of the settlement speed. General mud, silt and other smaller medium flow rate is low; coarse sand, gravel medium flow rate is high.
3, with the valve to adjust the flow, the adjustment valve should be located in the pump outlet, the pump inlet pipe is prohibited to set the control valve, so as to avoid cavitation.
4, for long-distance transport, the best choice of pipe material ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe, because the resistance is small, less head loss.
Sand pumping pump pipeline installation and layout is a very rigorous science, he not only needs formula calculation, also need a wealth of industry experience. Otherwise there will often be "anti-aircraft guns" and "no water" phenomenon.