Effective Measures to Improve Slurry Pump Wear

Slag pump is widely used in mining, metallurgy, coal, water and transportation and other important basic departments, in the transport of pulp, cinder and mud and other solid-liquid mixed materials in the process, by the impact of solid particles, the flow of serious wear , Resulting in shortened service life of the slurry pump, affecting the normal operation of the equipment. Therefore, to reduce the wear of the slurry pump flow is the key to the actual production.
Generally in the practical application of the usual measures to reduce the wear and tear of the slurry pump are the following:
1) Use reasonable impeller geometric parameters: To meet the required head and reduce wear, select the larger blade inlet diameter and outlet width, thus reducing the relative speed of the impeller inlet, reducing impeller wear and preventing clogging.
2) volute and impeller reasonable match: slurry pump volute shape such as the design is unreasonable, will speed up the wear and tear, the design should be considered and the best match with the impeller, while satisfying the pump performance as far as possible the speed of the volute The smallest, otherwise the wear will be very serious.
3) Consider the media characteristics Reasonable selection of materials: slurry pump life to a large extent with the choice of material is appropriate to have a great relationship. Selection of the process should take full account of the slurry in the solid particles of the geometry and size, if the solid particles smaller and the shape of the rules, the particles are distributed even without sharp sharp objects, select rubber, engineering plastics and other non-metallic Materials, while ensuring good wear resistance at the same time can reduce costs. When the solid particles in the slurry geometry is very irregular, particle size distribution is wide, should use high hardness, good wear resistance materials, such as hard nickel, high chromium cast iron class materials, because of such materials for the fight There is a certain advantage in the wear of solid particles in the slurry.
4) the use of reasonable anti-wear structure: the use of reasonable structure is to slow down the slurry pump wear an effective way. Such as setting the lining, thickening bushings and impellers, setting the secondary blades and the secondary impeller can also reduce wear.
At present, the most wear-resistant slurry pump for the Shijiazhuang Shishui Industrial and Chemical Pump Co., Ltd. production of rubber slurry pump, lined with world-renowned natural wear-resistant rubber, with high corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, More and more industry applications.
In the design process of the slurry pump, can not be a fixed design pattern to meet the different conditions, should ensure the flow and head on the basis of taking into account the actual use of slurry pump, select the appropriate design parameters and materials , So that the economy is applicable.