Causes and Solutions of Shaking of Mud Pump

Mud pump in the use of sometimes there will be the case of pump shake, many users have not yet clear the reasons for the case will turn off the pump to check, and sometimes a small details do not do a good job will cause mud pump Body shaking, for the equipment will cause a bad effect. So in the end we use the process why the pump body shaking it?
First, the mud pump pump shake reasons
1. Mud pump work to promote the flow, accompanied by eddy current, cavitation can not be avoided will produce large vibration.
2. Pump inlet pipe, impeller, the pump there are debris, the pump is not fixed with the base fixed, such as resonance to strengthen the phenomenon.
3. Mud pump quality, however, the rotor is not balanced, the pump and the motor shaft is not the heart, the rotor and the stator part of the collision or friction.
4. Equipment used for a long time, the pump wear aging, impeller large loosening, bearing damage or bearing clearance.
Second, the mud pump pump shake solution
1. Install the spring isolator When installing the spring isolator for the mud pump, pay attention to the choice of style and deflection.
2. Install rubber isolator. The choice of rubber vibration isolator, the material is generally neoprene, natural rubber, the general use of compressed rubber shock absorber, for the lighter weight of the pump, you can choose shear rubber shock absorber.
3. Install the inert base. To meet the more stringent vibration system pumping sand pumping standard, the installation of inert base, with the use of spring vibration isolator, is undoubtedly the best choice.